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Into Your Layers (2014)

    “The album’s title and pastoral cover suggest romantic bedroom themes. But if there’s one thing you should know about Asher Fulero, the Portland producer who’s been behind the project for six years, it’s to expect the unexpected. Fulero doesn’t bend genres so much as effortlessly channel a half-dozen or more of them.... His production muscles are flexed impressively throughout Into Your Layers, but it’s his voice—making its debut—that brings it together.... Fulero heavily relies on post-production effects to achieve variation in his voice, but with pipes as technical and confident as his—think somewhere just south of Todd Edwards—it’s not for lack of ability. Fulero has a point to prove: Artists of all stripes need not be confined by genre or theme. It’s an argument that works well, and goes down all the more smoothly when there’s a voice to the beats. “

Fulero/Lehe (2012)

    “They are jam band gold, the sort of energetic self-starters that helped establish the genre as a stylistic stew pot that mellowed and mingled rock, jazz and more into something flavorful and new. Fulero/Lehe are descendents of proto-jammers like Steely Dan and Golden Era prog like Yes and King Crimson as well as jam archetype Phish.”

Liminal Rites (2013)

    “On Liminal Rites there is love and dreaming, spirit and struggle, peace and discord, and all together it plays out like an affair without words – wordless because none are needed. Who is the affair with? Could be someone mortal – what else drives songwriters to such passion? – but Liminal Rites also comes across as a conversation with the universe and perhaps God, a descendent of McCoy Tyner’s 60s musings with Coltrane filtered through the genre-cracking atmospherics of George Winston and the limber, lean-in-close ivory dancing of John Hicks and Don Pullen.

    It’s the kind of record one puts on when they need to muse and stretch their mind beyond the friction and bustle of the day, an album for sunrises and moon watching, perhaps best enjoyed alone or holding hands with someone dear who’s comfortable listening and absorbing without needing to intrude with language and digressions. It is incredibly beautiful and as naked a presentation of Fulero’s many gifts as a musician and composer as anything in his ever-expanding catalog. For the Impound’s tastes, we think it’s the best album he’s ever made – a revelation of just how bloody good this guy is at what he does.”

    “A fresh and vital-sounding collection of deeply meditative compositions, pitch-perfect for the contemplative soundtrack to the alternately dreary and dreamy days of a rainy spring.”

    Asher Fulero is a world-class Pianist/Keyboardist with virtuosic skills and a modern-edged Music Producer that defies categorization. Constantly involved in a wide breadth of musical projects, he continually pushes his own boundaries both technically and stylistically and has captivated fans around the globe with his fresh ideas, deep chops, natural feel and infectious spontaneity. Lately, Fulero has been focused on keeping a furious pace with his original projects: solo piano and ambient/experimental works released under his name (Asher Fulero), his long-running and increasingly visible EDM/Electronica alter-ego, Halo Refuser (an anagram of his name), a jammed-out funky-rocking 5-piece band based out of Portland Oregon called The Asher Fulero Band, and his west coast future-chill collaborative production duo, Darkwhyte. He also maintains a regular for-hire studio session-player schedule as well as working with several regional tribute groups and ‘special occasion’ ensembles.

    Over the last 15 years, Fulero has collaborated with a huge list of heroes/legends and has created or been hired by a incredibly wide array of live bands in all sizes and shapes at venues and festivals large and small from California to Cairo. His playing is a producer's dream thanks in part to his own extensive production, engineering, mixing, and mastering experience. He has appeared on an immensely long list of studio albums, working alongside Grammy-winning Producers and Independent Unknowns alike with a voracious appetite for styles. He has delivered the goods in nearly every genre imaginable including Pop, Rock, Funk, Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Bluegrass, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Reggae, World Beat, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Fusion, Hip-Hop, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Afrobeat, Classical, Children's, and every electronic/EDM genre under the sun, from House, Techno, and Trance to DnB, Jungle, Dubstep, Downtempo, Trip-Hop and IDM. As a keyboardist, Asher is honored to carry prestigious endorsements from his instrument design heroes at Moog Synthesizers and Nord Pianos, both of which he uses to record and perform.

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